#KickOutTheKKK (1/30)#Kickoutthekkk

Today, UNC students gathered on the lawn of McCorkle Place to challenge the uncontextualized racist constructions on UNC’s campus, specifically Saunders Hall. Saunders Hall is named after William Saunders, a UNC alum and chief organizer of North Carolina’s KKK in the late 1800’s.

I fought back tears as I listened to current students tell stories of how their blackness is psychologically attacked on campus on a daily basis. I felt their sincerity as students demanded the University to cut ties with its racist past and to rename Saunders Hall to Hurston Hall in honor of Zora Neale Hurston, the first black student to study at UNC before integration.

I felt the students’ pain, I felt their frustration, I felt their marginalization, and I recorded it so you could feel it too:

“We’re tired of being statistics stored in the University’s back pocket, ready to pull out whenever they need to prove how ‘diverse’ they are. WE ARE WHOLE PEOPLE.” -Rally Speaker

#SGAAwards (1/25)

This media quickie is a shout out to Viola Davis who won Best Actress at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. It seems as if it has become customary this awards’ season for minorities to not only make a statement by winning awards, but to also call out their industry on its lack of diversity. Here’s what Viola had to say:

“I’d like to thank [names several people including Shonda Rhimes] for thinking a mysterious woman could be a 49-year-old, dark-skinned, African-American woman who looks like me.” -Viola Davis



Marshawn Lynch has been catching hell this week because of his “lack of interview skills”. But maybe journalists just aren’t asking the right questions; Marshawn had plenty to say to Progressive  and Skittles when they interviewed him. Marshawn has also worn Beast Mode gear, his official clothing brand, during interviews (a big NO NO in the league because Beast Mode is not licensed by the NFL), despite the hefty fines associated with this type of defiance.

Does Marshawn’s actions make him an asshole? Naw, I think the real issue here is that Marshawn is offending the WPPs (White People in Power) by not playing by their rules designed to allow THEM to profit off of HIS talent. The real issue here is that, the NFL and media industry are upset because, for so long, they have controlled and profited from black bodies, and now, here is Marshawn saying: