My #Insecure journey

Part two of @MediaWhistle‘s four part series “Four Quarters

Rewind back to four years ago…

I’m a sophomore in college when I discover Issa Rae’s YouTube series “The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl.” The storyline of a young black woman awkwardly stumbling through her twenties is not hard for me to identify with. I quickly become obsessed with both Issa and her show. Awkward Black Girl (ABG) provides me with comic relief from my own experiences as a black female, constantly hurdling microaggressions as I sprint my way to life’s starting line.

Fast forward three years later…

When I find out my favorite web series is going to be adapted into a HBO show called “Insecure,” I’m ecstatic! It took a while for the deal to come to fruition, but I must say, it was worth the wait.

During this waiting period, I fuel my Issa Rae fandom with ABG reruns and Issa’s autobiographical book “The MisAdventures of Awkward Black Girl.” As my fascination with Issa’s work grows, I realize my admiration is rooted in the authenticity of her work – it is a reflection of me, my experiences, my struggles, my blackness.

Play l> October 9th, 2016…

Issa Rae finally blesses my life with the first episode of “Insecure.”  I’m disappointed AF. My expectations of ABG being reincarnated are not fulfilled. But as the “Insecure” season goes on, my heart grows fond of Issa’s new storyline, one that is not defined by awkward blackness but woven together with the insecurities that plague my twenties. No matter the storyline, the premise of Issa’s writing remains the same: the path to self-discovery is no smooth ride and has no set path.  We may not all be able to identify with being black, but we all can identify with our own insecurities.

Side Note: smart marketing move ?

Slow down to Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016…

This week’s “Insecure” season one finale leaves me hopelessly piecing together a range of emotions as I attempt to make sense of the show. I feel Issa’s guilty pain as she waits for Lawrence to call her and confess “I miss you.” Lust (for my man) swells between my thighs as I watch Lawrence bang his rebound chick. Sadness settles in my heart as I realized Issa and Lawerence are no longer each other’s security blankets. “Insecure” leaves me feeling inept to predict its outcome.

Pause ll: presently staring at my screen wondering how to end this blog post…

Until season two, I’ll be standing on the edge of this cliff to which Issa ruthlessly lured me ?

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  1. I knew he was gonna have sex with the Chase hoe when I say that his stuff was gone??? but I’m glad her and Molly are back on good terms. I hope Molly ends up going to therapy though or realize she’s the problem

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