Sorry ya’ll, it’s been a minute. I had to catch up with real life, but I’m back, so let’s jump right into this week’s media quickie list!

#SAE: University of Oklahoma

confused_black_girl_vector_by_flyingsandwich-d84igqaWow. It’s amazing what gets picked up on the internet and turned into a national news story. This week, members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) learned this the hard way when the news caught wind of a video showing SAE members chanting racist slurs while on a bus.

 “You can hang ‘em from a tree, but it will never start with me. There will never be a nigger in SAE.” -SAE Members

While Rush Limbaugh blames rap culture for teaching these innocent young men the N-word, I blame their ignorance and lack of respect for culture sensitivity. We could go on and on about who can use the N-word and who can’t, but the real issue here is these young men gleefully sung about lynching black people and proudly chanted about excluding “niggers” from their fraternity.

SPOILER ALERT: Rap music does not exclude people based on their skin color. In fact, rap music has become a global phenomenon bringing diverse groups of people together. I know this to be true because Jay-Z said so in this interview and because of this funny, but very true, vine:

So, Rush Limbaugh, have this seat \__. While seated though, you can applaud these white privileged kids for not going down without a fight. After members were expelled from the University and the fraternity chapter was shut down by the national SAE organization, the fraternity has decided to hire a lawyer. What could this lawyer possibly argue?

Freedom of speech.

But at what point does freedom of speech turn into hate speech? At the end of the day, Title IX and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 federally obligates the University to ensure no student is racially harassed or discriminated against.

Needless to say, I’m interested to see how this story plays out in both the news and courtrooms.



The Justice Department gave Ferguson its report card. It did not look good. The report’s findings were so bad, in fact, that several Ferguson city officials resigned this week, including Judge Ronald Brockmeyer , City Manager John Shaw and Police Chief Thomas Jackson.

The Justice Department found that “systematic racial bias” practices were used by both police officers and court officials. Now, for those of you not familiar with racial profiling,  this excerpt from an NPR article will explain what it looks like and how it is beneficial to city officials:

“The Justice Department found that Ferguson’s police and court systems functioned as a revenue generator, with nearly a quarter of the city’s $13.3 million budget coming from fines and fees, according to The Associated Press.

The report also found a severe racial bias against the city’s African-American population. From 2012-2014, 93 percent of all arrests made by the police department were of African-Americans, despite the city being about two-thirds black. In the same time frame, 90 percent of all documented use of force instances by the FPD were against African-Americans.”

These statistics are painfully reminiscent of the free black labor that built this country. Flash-forward to the present, and now a racially constructed judicial system targets African-Americans to ensure a steady flow of income.

Discouraged? Don’t be. Keep this food for thought in mind:

“The system was never broken, it was built this way.” – the jaded citizens of America