Happy Halloween! So, I randomly decided to share with you three of my favorite scary movies featuring either an all-black cast or a black actor/actress as the main character. Now I haven’t seen many of these, and you probably have your own favorites, so if this is the case, please share them in the comments below!


1 . Blade

Go ahead and wipe the dust off this VHS you probably still have tucked away somewhere in storage.  I was six years old when this movie first came out. My mom wouldn’t let me see it, so I did what any other kid my age would’ve done, watched it with an irresponsible adult relative. When I was younger, the blood and vampire love scenes were almost too much for my sheltered adolescents to handle, and it was my first time seeing a black man in a scary movie who wasn’t the first person to die.


2. Vampire in Brooklyn

I saw this classic 1995 horror comedy for the first time last month.  After I was able to turn a blind eye to the horrible graphics, this movie was actually pretty good, and Detective Justice added some nice eye candy to the cast. 😉

3. Thriller

Although not technically a horror film, Thriller is arguably the best music video of all time and Halloween party favorite! I remember my first time watching the full Thriller music video, I was glued to the TV, mouth open, waiting to see what would happen next. And now, thanks to Wii’s Michael Jackson, the Experience, I am proud to announce I have mastered the Thriller dance… 😀

If you plan to go out to celebrate Halloween, rather than get your adrenalines pumping with a good horror film, have fun, be safe and DON’T take candy from strangers! Oh…and steer clear of the racist costumes that you are bound to run across!

For your viewing pleasure: