When I first heard Hillary Clinton made a “CP time” joke, I didn’t believe it. Although there may be a general consensus in the black community that Bill could have nailed the same joke, Hillary does not tote the same honorary Black Card as her hubby. For my readers who are culturally unaware, CP (colored people) time is a well known joke (exclusively reserved for black execution) that pimps the following stereotype: people of color are never on time… EVER! In this instance of misguided antics, once again, black culture was misappropriated to make a joke at the expense of a historically marginalized group. Not cool Hilary, not cool. Take a look.

“There’s no way a black person saw this script during the approval process,” my boyfriend said after we became aware of this deplorable attempt at comedy. I smiled within because I was successfully brainwashing my love bug to see how lack of minority representation in the media results in the bull shit embedded above.

Did this comedy script get a stamp of approval by a token minority? Beats me, but it is situations like these that help strengthen this blog’s three-year soap opera about the importance of having a minority seat at the decision making table. We help offer up a  “oh hell nah” when culturally insensitive ideas are conjured up.

RIP Hillary Clinton’s name on Black Twitter and the African American vote she’s been campaigning. Also, to the black man on stage who was in on the joke, please return your black card to your local NAACP office …okay I’m done✌?