As this year comes to an end, I wanted to share with you all my top best and worst media moments for minorities in 2014. A lot has happened this year, so if something didn’t make my list, add to it in the comment section!

Here goes!

The Best

5. Forest Hills Drive


I wasn’t a fan of “Born Sinner,” but since receiving J.Cole’s newest album for Christmas, (S/O to Smitty <3) I’ve fallen in love with his music all over again. What I love most about this album is the very clear message bumping through the speakers: “the grass is not always greener on the other side.” Jermaine encourages us to appreciate what we have. He warns us to filter what’s mediated to us and  to limit our feening for what glitters and gleams on tv and the radio.

On his track “Fire Squad,” J. Cole’s jab at white artists like Elvis, Iggy, Slim, and Macklemore, brings to the forefront the issue of black cultural appropriation. J kindly reminds us that white people are making money off of our sound, our culture, our bodies, so do we really own our own image…hmmm, now that’s deep.


4. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita made us all go “awwww” with her very heart-felt acceptance speech at this year’s Oscar Awards. She won Best Supporting Actress for the movie “12 Years a Slave” (the first film from a black director to win the Academy Award for Best Picture). No doubt, the beauty exuded from her award speech and that gorgeous blue dress, lead to Lupita being deemed “Most Beautiful” by People magazine.

3. “The Colbert Report” Coverage of Mike Brown and Eric Garner

Colbert was almost taken out by twitter this year when #CancelColbert started trending, but thank god he wasn’t because “The Colbert Report” writers seem to be the only ones who get it [racsim].  Colbert landed this #3 spot when he slammed conservative news outlets for complaining about people turning the shooting of Michael Brown into a “race issue.”

“You’re tired of hearing about it [race]? Imagine how exhausting it is living it,” Colbert said, ending his segment.

Here’s the clip if you are interested in watching it:

2. Dear White People

Dear White People was my favorite 2014 movie hands down! The fact this movie, that addresses white privilege, systematic racism,  and the black experience on a PWI campus, made it to the big screen, warms my heart.

1. FCC Cracks Down on White-washed TV


Under the leadership of Congresswoman Maxine Waters and other law makers, the FCC was pressured into increasing media diversity in programming, ownership and executive leadership roles. This resulted in an outpour of fall TV shows debuting minority families. This year we were introduced to the Johnsons from “Blackish,” Cristela y su familia, and “Jane the Virgin,” just to name a few.

The Worst

5. Exodusexodus

This year we were blessed with yet another biblical story on the big screen. This one recounts the life of Egyption Prince Moses and his brother Ramses. This was the perfect opportunity for a nice brown or black actor to make a debut, but instead, the movie casted all white actors to play the main characters. Now why is this a problem? Geography lesson #1: Egypt is in Africa where black and brown people live. But no worries, some blackies appeared as slave extras in a few background scenes.

4. Elevator Videos

If there is one thing we learned this year, it’s that what happens in the elevator does not always stay in the elevator. From Ray Rice knocking out his fiancé, to Solange throwing hands at Jay-Z,  these videos made for a nice discussion about domestic violence and family counseling.

3. Sony…SMDH


North Korea was not happy about Sony’s The Interview,” a movie with a plot based on killing North Korea’s president Kim Jong-un. So how did North Korea retaliate? They hacked into Sony’s executives’ emails and exposed all their dirty laundry. From racially insensitive comments about my President, to slandering several different actors and actresses, let’s just save Sony’s execs may be establishing new email policies for 2015.

2. Angry black People

At least that’s how we were depicted in the media. There were riots and protests in response to the recent police killings of  Mike Brown and Eric Garner. However, these national and local, peaceful protests were strangely under reported when compared to the numerous stories I saw about rioting, looting black people… -____-

1. Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is on the verge of losing everything he has built his career on…that is,  if he hasn’t already. After a slew of rape allegations from women from his past, Bill has probably had the worst year out of everyone.

bill2Now, if you read my top five best and worst media moments of 2014 and are disappointed because something didn’t make the list, add it in the comments below. I look forward to reading what you all come up with 🙂

Cheers to 2014!