#MediaQuickies 3

I’m a little late with last week’s installment of #MediaQuickies, but better late than never, right?

#SOTU Address (1/20)

Last week, President Obama reminded us all of this fact:

Not only did the State of The Union (#SOTU) address make the #MediaQuickie list because my President straight shitted on his haters, but also because, for the first time in the history of the #SOTU address (according to this Huffpost article), Transgendered individuals were directly recognized.

“As Americans, we respect human dignity, even when we’re threatened…That’s why we…condemn the persecution of women, or religious minorities, or people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or TRANSGENDER. We do these things not only because they’re right, but because they make us safer.” –Barack Obama

#AngelaTaughtMe (1/19) IMG_5317

I was first introduced to Angela Davis when my mother hosted a documentary screening of “Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners.” I was inspired by her intellect, her drive, her passion; these things lit a fire in me that encouraged me to speak up, speak out, and take action on issues I care about. So when I heard Angel Davis was going to be the keynote speaker for UNC’s annual MLK lecture, I was beyond excited.

But not everyone was excited for Angela’s speech entitled: “Racism, Militarism, Poverty: From Ferguson to Palestine.” Being that the U.S. is butt buddies with Israel, this title did not sit well with the Jewish community and other pro-Israel groups. This lead to the omission of Angela’s speech title  in The Daily Tar Heel, UNC’s college newspaper, and the University’s announcements concerning Angela’s lecture. As people waited in line for the doors to open the night of her lecture, protestors passed out flyers for an upcoming speaker who would lecture on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Pro-Israel Legacy.

Needless to say, some people were salty about Angela coming to speak, so she opened her speech by defending its title, which she says was chosen simply to acknowledge the global intersectionality of social justice issues. Angela ended her speech with a call to action, encouraging the audience to attack the institutions that make up the structuralized racism in America,  instead of seeking individual indictments.

american sniper

 #AmericanSniper (1/16)

I went to see “American Sniper” on its opening weekend (contributing to the January box-office record it set), and I’m not gonna lie, it was a pretty good movie. I definitely gained a greater appreciation for the women and men who defend this country with their lives.  But this movie was troubling as well. It was oozing with American propaganda, perpetuating anti-Muslim and Middle Eastern sentiments.

A friend of mine sent me this article after we went to see the movie together: thewrap.com.  This article addresses the recent controversy over the film’s subject, Chris Kyle (the American Sniper), which I think is  great because it asks movie goers to think critically about how the movie portrays Chris Kyle, the war, and Iraqi people. After seeing the movie and reading this article, my friend wrote to me:

“I just felt bad that I never once thought about the effect that [the war] must have had on innocent Iraqis at any point during the movie. I started seeing them all as bad too and that’s kinda scary…,” –My anonymous “American Sniper” movie date 😉

With this said, #AmericanSniper made this media quickie list because it’s a great example of pro-American media propaganda and how easy it is to fall for the hype.

#SororitySisters (1/16)

I didn’t find out about this coonery until after VH1 pulled the show only one month after its debut. “Sorority Sisters” follows the post-collegiate lives of sorors who are alumni of historically black colleges and universities. The black Greek community went up in arms over the mockery this show made out of its organizations. Threats of advertising boycotts quickly followed the “Sorority Sisters” debut, undoubtedly resulting in VH1 quietly airing the last three episodes of the show on Friday, Jan. 16, and the AKA’s and Deltas not so quietly suspending their members featured on the show.

But my question is, how can the black community allow reality shows such as “Housewives of Atlanta” and “Love and Hip Hop” to exist, but not this one. kermit

 Okay,  #ImDone.


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