I am Deseré Cross, a UNC alumna, citizen journalist, adventure seeker, poetry lover, media blogger, Zumba enthusiast, unofficial foodie & ’90s back up dancer…reincarnated. That pretty much sums up who I am, but I guess I should tell you what inspired me to create this blog as well.

While at  UNC, I took several classes that opened my eyes to the issues surrounding representation of minorities in the media. These classes significantly increased my media literacy and opened my eyes to the dangers stereotypical representations pose to minority populations. While consuming media, I often question who created a message and why. What assumptions are being made about a particular group being represented, and what values and points of view are being omitted?

Writing has always been my preferred medium of expression, so I created this blog  to generate discussion about something  I care about: media representation of minority groups. I encourage you to explore my site and please comment! I’d love to hear what you think about some of the issues I raise.